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DRAGON NINJA BYOKA – Development Update 2/9/22 information

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There has been heaps of motion on the DNB progress entrance — basically there has been for quite a few months previously! It was not until finally properly into progress that the Steam Neighborhood was introduced so I want to give a search into what you can hope in DNB so much, what has been most not too long ago created and what there is to occur.

There has been loads of action on the Dragon Ninja Byoka growth entrance — really there has been for lots of months previously! It was not until finally perfectly into growth that the IndieDB account was made, so I want to give a glimpse into what you can expect in DNB so considerably, what has been most lately produced and what there is to appear.

Steam Wishlist Dragon Ninja Byoka

DNB focuses on our protagonist, Byoka, the Dragon Ninja, who is trying to get to avenge the dying of his grasp at the arms of the wicked Chaos Serpent — Zangul. In this pursuit of revenge, Byoka is thrust via time from a fantasy feudal Japan into a in close proximity to potential megalopolis exactly where Zangul has been waiting on his arrival from the earlier.

Zangul and his minions

The sport is an motion platformer lifted in the spirit of vintage consoles these kinds of as the NES. As this sort of you and Byoka will traverse a retro entire world of platforms and enemies with classic platforming abilities this kind of as working, dashing, wall-climbing and a wide range of unique assault kinds and powers.

The Finish Goal

DNB has been an very enjoyable expertise to make and I am excited to announce that the overarching ranges for the plotline and main match are at above 50% comprehensive! I am focusing on a minimum of 60 hand crafted degrees, each individual with fully unique platforming troubles, enemies and pixel artwork graphics.

Levels will traverse along eclectic backdrops and motifs, from urban metropolitan areas to highway chases, jungles, mountain temples, underground laboratories, previous and foreseeable future. Below are a sampling of the natural environment kinds presently produced for DNB degrees.

Urban backdrops supply the entry zones for the sport

Elevating into arial platforming amongst the steelworks in the sky

Delving into subterraneum factories

Large tech laboratories wherever Anomalies await

Latest Update

Now that we have gotten a synopsis of the game’s advancement so considerably, lets chat a tiny about what is in progress.

I have officially finished the highway chase section involving Byoka, and two new boss encounters. I will not want to spoil the features of the sport here but I am rather excited with how this phase has turned out and will give a unique encounter amidst the traditional platforming degrees identified prior to the face. I did upload a clip of this segment on social / twitter / youtube and will put the youtube movie backlink in this article so you can look at out if you are inclined. Alpha footage of highway:

With the streets, skies, manufacturing unit, laboratory and freeway driving me, I am now mid-development on a significant phase of platforming amounts in a new zone I am calling Hirasaka Tower.

Invading Hirasaka Tower in pursuit of Zangul

This space will have a wonderful selection of exclusive difficulties and verticality that you could be expecting from ascending a skyscraper. Count on plenty of overcome and exceptional enemies in this space.

More to occur! Stay ninja my mates! Steam Wishlist Dragon Ninja Byoka