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Elden Ring Update Extends Patches Storyline, Adds Squat Pose

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Two fantasy warriors regard each other beside a campfire, one bowing and the other squatting.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Elden Ring’s most current update contains a right ending to Patches’ quest that sees the admirer favorite NPC reward gamers with his legendary pose.

Whilst seeking out today’s bug fixes and stability changes, be guaranteed to head back to the Limgrave cavern wherever you possible very first encountered Patches. If you now progressed considerably sufficient into his quest just before the patch, his little grotto in Murkwater Cave should be shut off by the game’s manager-teasing golden fog.

Opening the arena’s conspicuously put upper body will prompt Patches to ambush you yet again, but this time close to, he immediately recognizes you and surrenders to prevent an additional ass-beating. At the time he’s pacified, he teaches you how to squat low to the ground and, following you sit at a checkpoint, reopens his store.

Really don’t say Patches under no circumstances gave you something!

Patches’ storyline earlier finished at the Shaded Castle, a swampy, poison-drenched fortress located between Mt. Gelmir and Altus Plateau. It seemed quite remaining, also: The dude gave you one particular previous quest merchandise and appeared to succumb to his mysterious injuries. I guess the dimension-hopping jerk nevertheless had some struggle remaining in him after all.

Inspite of his regular treachery, the Souls community can not support but appreciate every thing about Patches. The information that his exclusive pose was extra to Elden Ring with today’s patch was satisfied with overpowering positivity from followers, lots of of whom liken the gesture to a true-environment posture regarded colloquially as the “Slav squat.”

“Finally, I can go away ‘Time for dung’ messages with an acceptable emote,” wrote a single Reddit person, a Tarnished right after my possess coronary heart.

Just like his enduring legacy as FromSoftware’s pseudo-mascot, it seems Elden Ring players will be caught with Patches for the foreseeable long run. Shell out him a go to and see what he has to give.